The Original Magictails from Germany !

Our original mermaid tail swimcostumes are of delusively genuine nature: Owing to the ultra realistic fish-scale pattern (photo-print), the perfect stretch-fit and integrated fully functional monofins (hand-made!), swimming feels AND looks like you\'ve always been dreaming of it.

Experience the unique fin swimming style with our fully functional Magictail mermaid swimcostumes. Become part of the mermaid community and share the style and the feeling, which became most popular by "H2O Just add water". We guarantee high quality and best diving and swimming features at a low price.

All Magictails mermaid swimcostumes can be machine-washed at 80 °F, since the monofin can be unbaged. Of course, our mermaid swimcostumes are colorfast and chlorine resistent.

The mermaid tail swimcostumes are available in different colors. Certainly, we carry it in goldish yellow, which, by far, is the most wanted. Thus you can really look you like Cleo, Rikki, Bella or Emma well-known from the serial "H2O just add water". Each mermaid swimcostumes will be delivered together with a fitting bikini bra. The highly fitting stretch-material guarantees long-time usage and is ideal for still growing children. So does the removable monofin, which can be quickly and comfortably attached to the feet (multi-size!).


Mermaid tail costumes are the ultimate birthday gift! Your youngsters will be totally amazed! If you are looking for something virtually exceptional, don't hesitate to go for it! We guarantee an X-traordinary diving experience and fun - but watch out: Wearing Magictails mermaid costume in public might cause a sensation! Supposably all girls who ever became acquainted with it desired a costume of their own.